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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Favorite Go-to Disney Websites and Apps that help me plan and enjoy my trip.

This list can also be found to the left of the page under the pages section should you like to quickly find it in the future or HERE:
Tip: Keep all your Disney apps and camera app on your first screen for easier access in the parks. 


The Disney Food Blog
Great reviews and tips on all Disney dining and restaurants including menus. 

Kenny the Pirate
Great tips for finding characters in the parks and other up to date park info such as events, schedules, etc.
Reviews, tips and updated menus and prices for Disney dining and restaurants

Mouse Savers
Posts updates on current deals on tickets, packages, etc. 

Disney Discount info

Walt Disney World official website
When in doubt, go right to the official source

My personal Disney board on Pinterest:


My Disney Experience (FREE app) 
This is the official Disney app. You can use it to see park times, parade schedules and character meet times, make dinning reservations, see ride wait times and even make fast pass reservations. 

TouringPlans (small fee for 365 day access) 
This site offers wait times, crowd levels and suggestions on which parks to avoid based on crowds, wait times etc. I find the wait times to be more accurate than the official Disney app. The fee is small and worth EVERY penny!
Sign up and access app features here:

Call Disney Directly 407-939-5277
To contact Disney to ask questions, make a reservation and more call.
A little tip: Add this number to your contacts. It makes it so much easier to just pull it up on a whim, especially when you're on the road or in the park. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mickey Mouse Fish! Our newest pets. Mickey Mouse Platy in various colors.

I wrote this post last year on my other blog, but thought I'd share it here as well for my Disney friends.

As many of you know I have a bit of a thing for Disney. Disney World is my favorite place in the whole world and I've been 6 times so far. Well the other day when I was out buying feeder fish for our pet turtle, I saw these fish that looked like they had hidden Mickey's on their tails. I just had to know what they were. I was so tickled to learn that they are literally called Mickey Mouse Platy. We now have 4 of them in our aquarium and they make me and all the kids that see them smile when we see those Mickey circles :)

To learn more about this breed, care and where to find them, CLICK HERE.

I purchased mine at my local Meijer, but have seen them listed at Petco and Pet Smart, so just ask.

UPDATE: We have also purchased Blue Mickey Mouse Platies and Yellow Mickey Mouse Platies! 

Celebrate the Magic Castle Projection in Disney World

My absolute favorite thing at Disney World is Celebrate the Magic. It is a fantastic show that is projected onto Cinderella's Castle in the evening. Make sure you check for show times while you are in the park to view it. You'll have to be able to see the front of the castle. Shortly after the show Tinkerbell will appear in the top spire window and zip-line down over the park toward Tomorrowland ushering in the start of the fireworks show. It's true Disney magic as the castle transforms into various scenes and colors. This particular video was taken in October, so it has a nice villains montage towards the end. The great thing about Disney is that they are always updating their attractions and shows, and Celebrate the Magic is a great example. You could go multiple times in the same year and catch something new that has been added to it each time. They even have a special Christmas Celebrate the Magic during the holiday season.

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I'd rather be in Disney!

I pretty much think about going to Disney World every day!!! Obviously that's slightly impossible. (I say sightly because nothing is truly impossible.) Since I can't be in Disney every day, I thought it would be fun to create a blog that perhaps others may enjoy. I know that planning a Disney vacation may seem daunting, so I thought I'd use the knowledge I have gained over the years to help ease the process for others. I'm a little OCD (despite what my husband says about me being an extremist! HA), so I tend to do a LOT of research on EVERYTHING. So maybe, just maybe my obsession....I mean love of Disney can inspire others to take a trip or help those already planning one have a more magical experience.